Invoice finance

Invoice Finance

Eliminate the limits of obtaining finances through invoice factoring without a considerable requirement of a specific credit score.

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Improve the cash flow for your business through invoice financing.

It involves borrowing money against the amount due for customers.

Invoice factoring comes with the benefit of no limits and it isn’t a loan. This form of short-term borrowing improves the working capital of businesses.

With us you can get the invoice financing done, wherein the invoice acts as collateral for the amount. Contact us to get the process done.

Invoice Finance Services

Invoice financing is financing your accounts receivables by selling them to a third party or a bank. Invoice financing often employs one of two strategies. They’re called Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting, respectively. There is a “factor” in both circumstances: a corporation or a third party buying the invoices.

The factoring company gives you a more significant proportion of the billed amount in Invoice Discounting, but the business owner is in charge of the collection process. The factoring business receives all billed money minus the factoring fees when the customer has paid all outstanding invoices.

Invoice factoring is used interchangeably with “Invoice financing” since it is the most popular procedure.

What Are the Advantages of Business Invoice Financing?

The following are some of the advantages that companies can gain from using invoice financing:

  • Consistent cash inflow
  • Pay employees and vendors on time
  • Reinvest in their business
  • Quickly expand businessuickly expand business

A company’s cash reserves may be depleted if its receivables account is overdue. By financing accounts receivable, invoice financing alleviates challenging situations such as late payments from consumers and a lack of capital to expand the company.

You can rely on our invoice financing service more efficiently and securely in UK, UAE, Newyork, Hongkong, (Worldwide). Our application process is entirely online and does not require any paperwork. Creating an account on our website and linking your accounting software to it is the simplest way to get started with us. After receiving your application, our cash flow specialists will review it and finish the verification procedure. The first payment of 80 per cent of the invoiced amount will be sent to you upon approval. Until this point, there are no fees to pay.

Once the due date has passed, we will collect the invoice amount directly from your customer and then pay you the remaining 20% of the billed amount. We’ll deduct a nominal fee for our services at this point. We’re here to answer any questions about invoice financing and how it works.

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    Types of Invoice Financing

    Once the buyer’s payment receipt is provided, the full payment is immediately remitted by the import factor to the export factor. If the buyer is unable to pay the amount, they are obliged to pay the amount 90 days after the invoice due date.


    This service is rendered through import factor providing a risk coverage of up to 100% within the credit limits.


    The invoices are purchased by the export factor from the client to the foreign buyers. 80-90% of the amount is paid in advance depending on the risk coverage.


    These import factors take into consideration the risks of bad debts. Under this, no valid disputes should have been raised.


    The risk of bad debts is covered within the import factors. Under this, ledger management and collections are provided by import factor without debtor risk coverage. Since it involves collection only, the import factor can ask the export factor to verify the invoice.


    Under this, the buyers need to make the payment to the import factor’s account after they receive a notification. Once the payment is done, the amount is immediately remitted to the export factor’s account.


    Under this, no notification is sent to the buyers about the assignment of receivables. It is also known as confidential or NNF-factoring. The invoice is directly paid to suppliers by the buyers.


    The basis of working on this financing process is tamleek. If the export factor is Islamic, the import factor may receive an approval request for the order, based on the Islamic financial instrument used for factoring.