If you are a business service provider waiting to get paid, irregular cash flow or long payment cycles can be a big pressure. This can be even more challenging if you run a seasonal business. We understand that the best way to help your business to develop and grow is to provide access to the finance you need.

Whether you need support to manage your day-to-day cash flow, invest in new equipment and technology or expand beyond your domestic market, our business funding can help you meet your needs.

We can provide financing solutions through our highly professional services.

Benefits to your Business-Services-Company

Our funding can help you to:

Fulfill your global ambitions

Get the insights you need to take the next step on your business’s export journey. Contact our experts for advice on fulfilling your global ambitions.

Find out the key challenges facing exporters today. 

Discover which sectors are particularly well suited to export finance. 

Learn what a funder looks for in an exporting business (and what you should look for in return).

We can help your business overcome unpredictable payment cycles with your Trade giving you access to money tied up in invoices without having to wait for bills to be paid.  You can also protect against currency fluctuations with our Foreign Exchange services while our Bad Debt Protection safeguards against non-payment. 


What does it take to capitalize on the export opportunity? In this unique guide, produced in-house by our export specialists, we give you pragmatic actionable advice you can start using today.

Helping you to meet your cash flow and investment needs

As a manufacturing company, regular payments for wages, materials, energy and maintenance can stretch your cash flow.

At the same time, you need to upgrade machinery and equipment to maintain a competitive advantage while keeping pace with legislation and advances in technology. Often though, these investment needs are offset by the need to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Manufacturing funding can help your business if you want to upgrade a key piece of equipment, move to a new factory, buy new assets, or expand. We can support you by providing our expert services.